Authors Djakhongir Siradjev
Title Efficient Deadline-Based QoS Algorithms for High-Performance Networks
Date Dec. 27. 2008.
Reference Papers A. Martinez, G. Apostolopoulos, F. J. Alfaro, J. L. Sanchez, J. Duato
Abstract Quality of service (QoS) is becoming an attractive feature for high-performance networks and parallel machines because,
in those environments, there are different traffic types, each one having its own requirements. In that sense, deadline-based algorithms
can provide powerful QoS provision. However, the cost associated with keeping ordered lists of packets makes these algorithms
impractical for high-performance networks. In this paper, we explore how to efficiently adapt the Earliest Deadline First family of
algorithms to high-speed network environments. The results show excellent performance using just two virtual channels, FIFO queues,
and a cost feasible with today’s technology


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