Authors Laziz Yunusov
Title Masquerade Detection through GUIID
Date Dec. 27. 2008.
Reference Papers Eric S Imsand and John A Hamilton, Jr., “Masquerade Detection through GUIID,” appeared in Globecom 2008
Abstract Abstract – A masquerade attack is any attack in which the attacker is able to make the target system believe they are someone they are not. One particularly dangerous example of a masquerade attack occurs when an attacker uses an unattended, unlocked computer workstation. We present the results of a study into a new form of user authentication that can be used to defend against this type of masquerade attack. This new authentication scheme, which we call GUI-based Intrusion Detection (GUIID, examines the manner in which a user is interacting with the graphical user interface. Our results show that a user뭩 current behavior can be compared to previously observed behaviors to find masquerade attacks. Our results demonstrate the feasibility of systems using GUIID as a means of detecting masquerade style intrusions.



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