Authors Khamidulla Inoyatov
Title A Survey of Quality of Service in IEEE 802.11 Networks
Date Feb. 12. 2011.
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Abstract Developed as a simple and cost-effective wireless technology for best effort services, IEEE
802.11 has gained popularity at an unprecedented rate. However, due to the lack of built-in quality of service support, IEEE 802.11 experiences serious challenges in meeting the demands of multimedia services and applications. This article surveys 802.11 QoS schemes, including service differentiation in the MAC layer, admission control and bandwidth reservation in MAC and higher layers, and link adaptation in the physical layer, designed to meet these challenges by providing the necessary enhancements for the required QoS. Furthermore, the article addresses issues that arise when end-to-end QoS has to be guaranteed in today’s pervasive heterogeneous wired-cum-wireless networks. Among these challenges, protocol interoperability, multihop scheduling, full mobility support, and seamless
vertical handoff among multiple mobile/wireless interfaces are specifically addressed.


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