Abstract Lots of multimedia applications require multicasting where data from a sender must be duplicated and delivered to multiple destinations. The examples of the multi-party communication service are virtual classroom, video conferencing, tele-medical and VoD(video on demand). In many circumstances, the group members are all potential senders, the number of group members can be large and changed dynamically. Therefore, the future integrated services network must provide efficient resource management for multicasting. Construction and maintaining multicast tree is very important and difficult problem in multicast communication. We suggest a hierarchical network management function to construct and maintain a multicast tree for solving this problem. The hierarchical management concept is well defined in TINA, and it is very effective to solve multicast tree problem.In this paper, we propose a management architecture model for multicast environment based on TINA. Although five functional areas, FCAPS, are depicted in TINA, we focus on the connection management of point-to-multipoint connection in this paper.