Mobile IPv6 takes long time to perform Layer 2 and Layer 3 handover which seriously affects the Quality of Service (QoS), especially for real-time services. In this paper, we propose an enhanced handover mechanism across heterogeneous environment with multiple network interfaces in a Mobile Node with the Media Independent Handover (MIH) Services as defined in IEEE 802.21 and Advance Duplicate Address Detection (A-DAD). By utilizing the Layer 2 triggers, applying A-DAD, and reducing the number of Layer 3 message exchanges during the handover procedure we can reduce the handover latency in Mobile IPv6 greatly. We perform a simulation on handover between WiMAX and WLAN IEEE 802.11b with the proposed scheme in Mobile IPv6 to get handover performance in terms of handover latency. We analyze the handover performance according to the velocity of Mobile Node and the latency between Mobile Node and its Corresponding Node.


Enhanced Vertical Handover in Mobile IPv6 with Media Independent Handover Services and Advance Duplicate Address Detection.pdf