Abstract Abstract ?In this paper, we explain the design and implementation of a GMPLS-based Optical Internet simulator, called the NIST GMPLS Networking Simulation Tool, and report the current status and experimental results. The NIST GOST has been developed to support the R&D works in the area of Next Generation Internet (NGI) networking with GMPLS-based WDM optical network and Internet traffic engineering with DiffServ-over-MPLS. It supports discrete-event simulations of various DiffServ packet classification, per-hop-behavior (PHB) processing with class-based-queuing, MPLS traffic engineering, MPLS OAM functions that provide performance monitoring and fault notification, GMPLS-based signaling for WDM optical network, fiber/lambda optical switching, link/node failure model, and fast fault detection, notification and restoration from an optical link failure. In this paper, we focus the discussions on the discrete event simulation of DiffServ-over-MPLS in NIST GOST.  Keywords ?MPLS/GMPLS, WDM Optical Network, DiffServ, Network Simulation, Traffic Engineering


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