Abstract Most of the MIHF (Media Independent Handover Function) implementation approaches have been in user space, where the performance of MIHF is degraded due to overhead associated in the user space/kernel space interaction. Moreover, event service is implemented by polling mechanism, where the status of link is continuously checked for any occurred events every 100 msec [2], which makes huge overhead to the system. To overcome these shortcomings, we propose IEEE 802.21 MIH implementation in Linux kernel space as a network device driver. In the proposed approach, occurred events are delivered to MIH user directly through socket interface, since active event triggering mechanism is used. It reduces time taken for the event delivery notification up to 1 msec. From the experimental results in real environment, we found that the proposed approach has better performance in terms of message exchanging time, and is suitable to be used in fast handover procedure for real-time multimedia applications.