Authors Chul Kim, Sang-Heon Shin, Eunhyuk Lim, Young-Tak Kim
Title Design and Implementation of the Simulation Module of GMPLS-based Optical Internet
Journal Name in Proceedings of OPNETWORK2001
Vol. & No. Vol. Washington D.C.  No. USA
Publishion Date Aug. 2001.
Abstract The next generation Internet is expected to be implemented on the high-speed GMPLS(Generalized MPLS) routers that can provide optical switching capability. To support the dynamic provisioning and restoration of LSPs on the WDM lightpaths, the IETF and Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) have proposed the IP-centric control plane in GMPLS architecture[1]. In order to realize the GMPLS-based optical Internet, the GMPLS-based control plane functional modules – such as CR-LDP signaling [2], LMP [3], OSPF [4] & BGP [5], MPLS OAM [6] – must be implemented.

Since the GMPLS-based Optical Networking is at the first stage of protocol design and prototyping, it is more efficient to design, implement and analyze the functional modules of signaling and traffic engineering for optical network on the network simulator, such as OPNET.
In this paper, we discuss the design and implementation of the simulation modules of GMPLS-based IP-over-optical network on the OPNET simulation platform. To design the model of GMPLS-based IP-over-Optical Network, we first design the optical node simulation model of the GMPLS-based OXC/OADM and the GMPLS control plane modules for the optical network. The implemented OXC/OADM node model has the capability of lambda switching, lambda translation, lambda add/drop, and waveband switching. The implemented GMPLS-based control plane modules include CR-LDP for signaling, OSPF-extension for constrained-routing, LMP (Link Management Protocol) for the management of control/data link, and O-UNI for serving clients’ requests.