Authors Young-Chul Jung, Jong-Chul Seo, Young-Tak Kim
Title Session & Connection Management with SIP and RSVP-TE for QoS-guaranteed Multimedia Service Provisioning
Journal Name In Proceedings of APNOMS 2005
Vol. & No. Vol. Okinawa  No. Japan
Page(s) 202 – 213
Publishion Date Sep. 2005.

  In the realtime multimedia communication, various multimedia terminals with different processing capabilities (i.e. desktop PC vs. PDA) must be considered. In the transit networking, the on-demand multimedia connection requests must be carefully controlled with connection admission control (CAC) and hierarchical traffic grooming function for guaranteed QoS provisioning. In order to provide QoS-guaranteed realtime multimedia services on IP-based networks, tightly integrated session and connection management is essential. SIP and RSVP-TE have been proposed as practical implementation solutions for the session signaling and the network connection managements.
The current research works on the QoS-guaranteed realtime multimedia service provisioning have not studied the detailed integration of SIP, RSVP-TE, CAC and hierarchical traffic grooming of transport networks. Most of the approaches just use SIP/SDP to establish a session on the best-effort Internet without guaranteed QoS & bandwidth reservation. In this paper, we analyze the detailed operations of SIP and RSVP-TE for QoS-guaranteed multimedia service provisioning. The detailed specification of QoS & traffic parameters using SDP is explained, and the handshaking
procedure is proposed for offer-and-selection model for the choice of proper multimedia service type for various terminal capabilities. We also propose a multimedia service terminal platform and hierarchical traffic grooming for QoS-guaranteed service provisioning. The overall performance of the QoS-guaranteed multimedia service is analyzed.