Authors Shanmugham Sundaram, Jong-Cheol Seo, Abdurakhmon Abdurakhmanov, Young-Tak Kim
Title Design and Implementation of WBEM-based Network Management System for Inter-AS Traffic Engineering
Journal Name in Proceedings of SERA 2006
Vol. & No. Vol. Seattle, Washington  No. USA
Page(s) 162 – 170
Publishion Date Aug. 2006.

In order to provide QoS-guaranteed differentiated service across multiple domain networks, network management with inter-AS (autonomous system) traffic engineering is essential. For the inter-AS traffic engineering among different network providers, the managed objects of inter-AS traffic engineering should be standardized in public domain, and should be easily accessible by other network operators. In this paper, we propose a design and implementation of WBEMbased network management system for inter-AS traffic engineering for QoS-guaranteed DiffServ provisioning. We designed the required MOF (Managed Object Format) for inter-AS traffic engineering with inheritance from DMTF CIM MOF. The detailed design and implementation of required WBEM server/provider functions based on OpenPegasus are explained, and the  performance is analyzed.