Authors Shahnaza Tursunova, Son Tran Trong, Bong-Kyun Lee, Eun-Young Cho, You-Hyeon Jeong and Young-Tak Kim
Title Enhanced Cognitive Resource Management for QoS-guaranteed Service Provisioning in Home/Office Network
Journal Name in Proceedings of IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management
Vol. & No. Vol. New York  No. USA
Page(s) 489 – 496
Publishion Date Jun. 2009.
Abstract Abstract – In this paper, we propose an enhanced cognitive resource management for QoS-aware service provisioning in wired and wireless home/office network. We enhance QoS-aware customer network management (Q-CNM) system. The Q-CNM controls overall management process in home/office network, gathers network information, and processes incoming requests through QoS-aware resource allocation with connection admission control (CAC) function. Especially the cognitive management process at the Q-CNM provides load redistribution, optimized resource utilization for QoS-guaranteed differentiated service provisioning based on obtained knowledge about network. The detailed analysis of QoS-aware resource allocation and cognitive management process at the Q-CNM are explained. The network performance and QoS parameters are analyzed based on experimental implementation of the proposed management scheme in a real testbed environment and ns-2 network simulator.