Authors Igor Kim, Young-Tak Kim
Title Prediction-based Smart Channel Scanning with Minimized Service Discruption for IEEE 802.11e WLAN
Journal Name in Proceedings of ICCE2011 (International Conferernce on Consumer Electronics)
Vol. & No. Vol. Las Vegas  No. USA
Page(s) 934 – 935
Publishion Date Jan. 2011.
Abstract Abstract뾅hannel scanning is the major factor that affects the handover delay in IEEE 802.11 networks. Many approaches have been proposed to reduce the scanning time. None of them, however, studied the performance of channel scanning in IEEE 802.11e network, which introduces a set of priorities for different class of services. In this paper we propose a prediction-based smart scanning, considering different priorities. We also analyzed the performance of channel scanning depending on the number of active stations in the certain access category (AC).