Abstract In broadband convergence network (BcN), heterogeneous broadband wired & wireless subnetworks and various terminal equipments will be interconnected. In order to provide end-to-end realtime multimedia services on such heterogeneous networking environment, as a result, two major problems should be resolved: i) Multimedia session establishment & negotiation that adjusts the differences in the capability of multimedia data processing at the end terminal nodes, ii) quality of service (QoS)-guaranteed connection establishment or resource reservation with connection admission control (CAC) in each heterogeneous subnetworks along the path. The session layer signaling (e.g., SIP/SDP) should be extended for QoS negotiation, and must be tightly cooperating with network layer signaling or resource reservation with CAC function. In this paper we propose a session and connection management architecture for the QoS-guaranteed realtime multimedia service provisioning on BcN, with Q-SIP/SDP, resource reservation protocol with traffic engineering extension, and CAC functions. The detailed interaction scenario and related algorithms for QoS-guaranteed realtime multimedia session, resource reservation and connection establishment are explained and analyzed. From the experimental implementation of the proposed scheme on a small scale BcN testbed, we verified that the proposed architecture is applicable for the realtime multimedia service provisioning. We analyze the network performance and QoS parameters in detail.


QoS-guaranteed Realtime MM service provisioning on BcN -final.pdf