Abstract This thesis proposes a management of DiffServ-over-MPLS transit network with BFD(Bidirectional Forwarding Detection)/OAM (operation, administration and maintenance) in ForCES (Forwarding and Control Element Separation) architecture for QoS-guaranteed DiffServ-over-MPLS traffic engineering. The proposed BFD and ForCES functions are implemented on Intel IXP2400 network processor, where BFD/OAM packets for MPLS TE-LSP are exchanged every 5 ~ 10 ms interval for performance measurements and link failure detection.
The operations of BFD/OAM-based fault detection and performance measurement are controlled via distributed control plane with ForCES (forwarding and control element separation) architecture for large scale IP/MPLS router using multiple network processors in each network interface card. We explain the implementation details of ForCES-based distributed control plane functions, hierarchical traffic grooming with label stacking, and BFD/OAM mechanisms. The link failure detection performance of BFD/OAM functions for MPLS TE-LSP is evaluated.