The graduate course of Master degree and Ph.D. course in the YU-ANTL is opened to qualified students from all over the world. The graduate students can be supported 4,000 US$ ~ 6,000 US$ per year from the laboratory (YU-ANTL) if he/she is involved in R&D projects as RA (research assistant), and performs TA (teaching assistant).

The current research areas of YU-ANTL are as follows:

  • QoS-guaranteed multimedia service provisioning on integrated/converged wired/ wireless network.
  • Cognitive network management
  • QoS-guaranteed roaming/handover in IEEE 802.11n wireless LAN environments
  • DiffServ-over-(G)MPLS / optical traffic engineering.
  • Network management system for Next Generation Internet (NGI).
  • Embedded systems for the network operation and management of Next Generation Internet (NGI).

Any other research topics can be selected after discussion with Prof. Young-Tak Kim.