Professor Young-Tak Kim, Ph.D.

Welcome to Advanced Networking Technology Lab. Of Yeungnam University (YU-ANTL)

Advanced Networking Technology Lab. of Yeungnam University (YU-ANTL) is one of the most active R&D groups in Korea, in the area of high-speed and broadband networking, QoS-aware service provisioning, traffic engineering and network management for Next Generation Internet (NGI). It played the key role of the government supported ITRC (Information Technology Research Center) of Yeungnam University which actively studies “QoS-guaranteed Traffic Engineering and Multimedia Service Platform in the Next Generation Wired/Wireless Integrated Networking Environment.”

The graduate course of Master degree and Ph.D. course in YU-ANTL is opened to qualified students from all over the world. Yeungnam University waives the tuition fee of graduate student when he/she has TOEFL score more than 500 PBT. The graduate student can be financially supported 5,000 US$ ~ 8,000 US$ per year from the laboratory (YU-ANTL) if he/she is involved in R&D projects as RA (research assistant), and performs TA (teaching assistant). Also, if he/she is qualified for the requirements of the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) of Korea (TOEFL score more than 550 PBT), he/she will additionally receive the full scholarship from the Korean government.

The current research areas of YU-ANTL are as follows:

  • QoS-guaranteed multimedia service provisioning on converged wired & wireless network (IEEE 802.11n Wireless LAN Networking, Next Generation Internet)
  • QoS-aware traffic engineering for IEEE 802.11n Wireless LANs
  • QoS-guaranteed Handover/Roaming
  • QoS-aware cognitive network management

Any other research topics can be selected after discussion with Prof. Young-Tak Kim.

I would like to invite you to our challenging laboratory, and expect you to be another active member who can achieve his own dream following the well-planned course works, R&D projects, and good relationship with domestic and international industry & research institutes.

Thank you.

Professor Young-Tak Kim, Ph.D.